Earn Legal commission from investments in Humanitarian projects worldwide!

Become a partner as a loader of investment funds of worldwide projects, refer cardholders who qualify and earn commissionfrom any transaction and investment in Humanitarian projects worldwide.

A Global Opportunity!

By becoming a facilitator for Investment Projects and working with a direct card loader you have the opportunity to receive large commissions from investments in worldwide investment projects!

What we provide:

The Opportunity in detail:

You can use your card first to test the opportunity, or bring others under your company.

We honour every opportunity member who works with us and will protect his referrals. You can decide on commissions to your card holders.

About 25% of each card loading processing is allocated to you, considering 10% for brokers, 15% to the loader and 50% to the receiver.

A typical cloud loading for projects is 10 billion dollars.

A typical encrypted cash loading also for projects is 250K. This is from one load and the card can be loaded repeatedly. You can also, as a business owner recruit and work with your own receivers and increase your processing volume.

We will provide you with a collection of receivers to start and promote your card or cards to our receiver network (silent or confidential promotion – not internet- only via our referral network).

Opportunity Fee: $PLEASE INQUIRE - Fully Refundable after first card processing



We have a business opportunity for you to help and assist in project investments worldwideif you are a debit card holder, if you are an individual or business (business preferred) who has a clean background and lives in the USA or any other country and you can travel with your card (most time by invitation and all expenses paid ). You will facilitate and participate in project investments in various locations around the globe.

Alternatively, if you are a receiver or have a receiver with POS machines and banking relations in your country to clear and invest in Humanitarian projects this opportunity is open for you as well.

We are a Direct Authority Loader to load card holders globally and receiver's cards for humanitarian projects worldwide: (any debit card type) and any protocol from 250K to 10 billion first loading.

Loaded amount for the first time on a card that passed DD and compliance:

101 cash on card: 250,000 USD OR EURO
201 Online pre authorisation 1 step / Offline Forced Sale: 10 Billion USD or Euro

How It Works?

Upfront Fee and Commission of Investment for each new card we load:

General Questions

For a Card holder: If we load your card and the card holder does not perform or agree to travel as needed we would lose your allocation for the project investments. This fee is also required to show commitment to participate in this opportunity by the card holder, including due diligence and vetting cost and banking setup allocation on your card.

We would also refund the upfront fee from the first payout we receive after processing from your first card.

We can also add a performance guarantee clause to the contract with a penalty. We will perform!

– Our funds are legal and legitimate and have been cleared to be used for project investments focusing on Humanitarian Projects worldwide.

– Other loaders, who say they can load your card, can often be fake or use illegal funds.

– You must and should only partner with a reliable,credible and legal owner of the funds loaded onto your card to be used for project investment authorized by all authorities in Europe and USA.

– We assist and provide full technical support to ensure the operation is successful. We work as a team with you. We can troubleshoot terminal issues and can help you qualify any receiver you choose to work with or as suggested by us.

– We will load a card within 7 hours after we received a signed contract and have approved card holder CIS. We will provide you all Authority loading documents. This process is very fast. We will also provide you with a list of receivers to work with after loading.

– You deal with a US entity with a full contract and we are available 24/7, and we are actual legal loaders for project investments. You do not deal with brokers, but deal directly with a loader company.

We have a contract. Again, we have references and proof of performance. We look to work together and there is a mutual goal for this opportunity. We look for good serious partners and card holders who can even travel with their cards (paid expenses) to certain receivers we work with, or agree to ship their card after loading.

Often the job can be done remotely without any travel. Yet, we want good card holders, with good and clean personal backgrounds.

It is also very difficult to recall funds, after we loaded the card and the card has not been processed.

Since we have a very high level relationship with Authority, we can get the funds back onto your card in a very short time. Fake loaders or hackers won’t be able to do it.

Yes, we will refer you to the best receivers we know in the business. We work together as a team. We must assign your card for project investment.

No you can’t, it must be processed with a POS terminal and for project investment.

If you are a card holder, you won’t have to travel with your card every time, but if you agree to travel or ship your card after loading you will have more receiver options vs doing it only remotely. We recommend always considering all options

We accept bank wire. US company.

1.Signed license opportunity agreement (if you choose to do more than your card and bring other card holders)

2.Card back and front photo


4.CIS (customer information sheet) – we will send the document to you

Marketing your business

You can market this opportunity online and in various methods such as emails, advertisements etc. We will provide you with referrals of potential clients or cardholders who will be interested to participate.



I would like to partner with the loader and refer business( card holders)
I would like to test the business, and just load my own card first
I am an individual with a debit card and a clean criminal background YesNo
I am a receiver w POS terminal and a clean criminal background YesNo

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