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Power Finance

Facilitator / Broker

Facilitate the Largest Buy / Sell Commodities & Financial Transactions in the World!

How would you like to make $5-20 Million in just one transaction WITH RESIDUALS (ROLLS & EXTENTIONS)?

How about $20 million? Residuals on renewals and extensions as well as yearly contracts on many transactions! There are no other industries or brokerage transactions that can earn you as much in commission payout! Nothing Comes close ! Invest your time in a real niche business that not many even know about..

Grayku provides the ONLY proven turnkey system for true success in this lucrative Buy/Sell business. All you need to do is follow our program, learn about the industry, market your buyer or seller request, and close the deal.
After working with us, even one transaction is often enough to allow most people to retire!

We offer the leading platform and international network system for everything from:  PPP Trade Programs ( 100K and up to the billions,)  including many Hard Assets and Monitization Options(Non Recourse Loans), SBLC & Financial Instruments, Money Transfer(IPIP, IPID, MT103, DTC, etc) , Large BTC Buy/Sell,  MTNs, Fuel, Gold, Diamonds,etc.. and just about every other lucrative commodities and assets in the world. You will get personal training with this unique opportunity helping you become very successful in a relative short time,

Part Time/ Full Time/ ZERO Ongoing investment or business costs/No special License required. We provide Fresh leads/contracts/deals for you EVERY week for the first 12 months! REMEMBER, THIS IS A REAL BUSINESS THAT CAN BE RUN FROM NEARLY ANYWHERE WITH YOUR PHONE OR LAPTOP. · START right away, while training. · NO website is not required to start. NO License is required! · Commission is Built-in into any contract in our business by law!
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Secure your retirement and financial freedom.

Focus on the Largest Buy/Sell transactions of High Finance that can truly change your life!

No Real Estate transactions or any other broker-type transactions even come close to what you can achieve with our business!

What do we offer?

Full Training from A to Z on the business including documents, contracts, setup, tools, etc.

This includes

Full and complete marketing plan that works!

Live, personal training on any subject matter. Full training in approximately 50 training sessions. Topics covered include:

Remember, this is a real business that can be run from nearly anywhere With your phone or laptop.

You can start while training – a site is not required to start. No License is Req!
Commission is Builtin into any contract in our business by law !

OwnER License

Run your own business - while using our Live quality leads/offers generated by our global trade finance network!

Payment/License Fee

Grayku Ultimate Lifetime License: $PLEASE INQUIRE. One time fee - 25% Royalty. Include Full Training(over 50 lectures w hands on contract training and live training - Become an expert consultant and a trusted facilitator for the largest transactions in the planet and in trade finance in 10 days ! - what others learn only in 10 years! ) , 50+ Leads/Contracts per week, your own Trade Finance Network which will generate your own fresh new leads at no time ! Also includes our new Trade Finance Productivity Software tools to run and manage your business(not sold to anyone) . (Lifetime License including all upgrades & Free integration.) Also including 1 month of Free Business Management of your account including of all email/phone calls w deal closing under your business !

**Optional Service: " Manage My Business " No work is needed! WE DO IT ALL ! KEEP YOUR DAY JOB WHILE TRANSITION INTO THIS INCERDIBLE BUSINESS.
It includes AT LEAST 50+ Leads/Contracts/Offers per Week and your own Trade Finance Network. We fully manage your business including all daily emails, phone calls, Leads broadcast, and marketing of your offers for an incredibly low monthly labor cost. We also full integrate our Deal Direct Software and our Transaction Management Software with your Business Management Service . Month to Month Service. No Contracts ! Please Inquire for more details. $Please Inquire/Monthly
** Also now include 20% profits of licensor trade finance deals evenly shared among all business management participants ! ***

Tailored Strategy for Each Owner for Immediate Success/ Assigned Dedicated Account Manager 24/7 as Part of your Business/Team !

Benefits for your Clients

$$$ Benefits for Owners $$$

GET STARTED TODAY AND SECURE YOUR FUTURE! Sign today; close this week!

An International Business Opportunity. Entrepreneurs from all around the world are welcome!
Sign up to receive more information. This opportunity comes with contacts and live examples of real contracts, testimonials, and calls with players in the industry from fund managers, mandates, assets owners, etc. from around the world.

Make $250,000 every month while using your laptop from anywhere in the world!

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